A Thought

While strolling on the terrace today,on this bright chilly morning,I was struck with an idea and it’s about ‘Capturing time’!!Quite bizarre yet intriguing.

A show in a Discovery channel(discovery science may be,not of course ‘wild’,i don’t remember)once showcased a concept of travelling in time.Stephen Hawking,the great scientist had some of his theories presented along with part of the narration for that show.I was quite moved by his theories(as i am always)and that affected me.One very interesting quote of his(that I heard in that show) is somewhat like this:-Thus we can travel to the future by just moving fast in present…Quite true scientifically(as his theory suggests) and also morally.

Another show that motivated me is an episode of “Time warp”.I am speaking about these awesome shows because these are the ones that motivates me to think constructive and can do for others as well.Anyway,that episode(that I watched half,unfortunately)showed a concept of observing time phases through shock waves in air and water.The word ‘warp’ itself means, ‘A hypothetical discontinuity or distortion occurring in the flow of time that would move events from one time period to another or suspend the passage of time.’The vibration and the spreading of the waves setting in motion the atmospheric particles was what made the way.Next is you photograph the pictures of the different phases of the vibration and study those to unravel few mysteries on time.

However much from a student of arts,I am not supposed to bore deeper correctly into this matter;and I leave it to the science students to do.

Well lastly one thing I unfolded from all of this along with a little thought of mine is that a moment can also be captured in a photograph.We jump,we play,we travel…and why always the surge to photograph these activities?(Even the use of cameras hiked so much these days that not only your digital camera,web cam,phones or televisions have it but the pens and lipsticks have it too,although some are for deviating causes)And whenever something good happens or bad, why do you run to fetch your camera?Why do we capture the pictures of our loved ones even though we have the real person with us?And why  do we so popularly take ‘selfies’? It is all to capture that very moment of good,bad,love,the way we look at that very second,and all…….-its all a means of capturing “TIME”,as I will like to say.

Time,I heard passes in graphic modules in one direction only,and is the 6th dimension of our Universe while the things around passes and grows with it.So if one can capture a drop of water falling on the ground,at any phase during its course of falling,the state at which that drop is,is also a phase at which time is, during its course of flow.So when i capture the drop at say t second I actually capture an instant of time say @x unit and that too with a regular phone camera.Quite interesting and all you need is eyes to see and a camera 🙂

A Drop of Water
A Drop of Water

A Wish!

I wish to fly above the clouds;

swim deep down the oceans-

where mountains,valleys plateaus and plains

are old and dark and clear.

So lets escape into the blues

of oceans seas and skies anew:

where breaths are pure,

in total refuge.

And if one wishes to go any further,

into the trench or above the heavens-

then fear not,ask none,neither look back

just go and escape into the black.  🙂

A Little About Me

Hello,I am Aratrika,a 20 year old law student.I am currently in my 3rd semester and with the internal exams just over as on 10th january,I am having bit of a chill time and lazy hours.

However as about my data,I grew up in ‘The City Of Joy’ ,the capital of eastern state and one of the presidency city in our country.I grew up in a middle class family,and learned smiling my  way through every conflict.Studying in a A-list school with science, I, like many other middle class children nurtured the dream of pursuing a medical/engineering degree in a premier government college or study honours in some tough science subject in a top city college.Having a complete science background(both my mom and dad are biology post-graduates)I never thought antithetic.But fate had something else for me and I ended up doing bad in my H.S(as for premier standards which is atleast 80%,while I got 69.98%)and also JEE.Shattered and the ground beneath my feet completely washed away I was utterly lost in dark wilderness…

At this time the idea of competing in the entrance test for law came to my mind.My only aim and intention from the second I took the decision was to crack the high profile judicial exams,become a judge,and thus save my neck(as that would revive my lost self confidence and respect in family and friends).Luckily I cracked the entrance with 3rd rank and got admitted to the best college of law(as people say) as the topper.But arts is having it’s toll on me now.My marks dropped badly in the first semester and now I am sailing my way through rough tides.The reason is rather a bit nonacademic.

Much about my career,let me tell one more information about me i.e I am very emotional.That is not very uncommon though,but I think a bit more practicality in my character could have solved much problems.

Anyway I am writing all this as i think my blog should contain some heart baring information about ‘my very small life’ at it’s beginning.